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Vector art has gained huge popularity in the last 10 years. Designers and illustrators find it handy and useful when it comes to conveying a message in a short or without any written content. But finding a perfect vector image is an as exhausting and time-consuming a task as creating it. Luckily, we have curated a list of great resources where you can find tons of free vector images.

So, don’t forget to bookmark this page so that you can visit these websites in future to find beautiful images from these vector art treasures.

20 great resources

1. unDraw

The unDraw is an open-source platform for downloading free vector illustrations. The website is serving web and graphic designers since its inception in 2017 with a wide category of illustrations and vector graphics. The founder Katerina Limpitsouni launched this website with a goal to show that designers should contribute to the open-source community. We can measure the success of unDraw by knowing that it’s being used in leading tech-giant companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Harvard Business School.

2. is an ultimate collection of high-quality free vector graphics and illustrations created and submitted by talented artists from all over the world. The content is available in various formats such as EPS, AI, SVG, PDF etc. They upload hundreds of vector images every month. If you are a free user, you are allowed to use these images in your personal project only but if you are a paying member you can use all images in your commercial projects too. You are allowed to alter, modify, and combine vector images and customize the graphic as you want.

3. FreePik 

FreePik has an extensive collection of 3 million+ high-quality vector graphics for personal and commercial use. It has an amazing filter feature that allows you to browse these vector images easily. You can download these graphics in AI, SVG and EPS format also. Almost all the graphics are free but if you want some extra FreePik has premium graphics too. Being one of the fastest-growing startups of Europe, FreePik is being used by leading organizations such as NASA, Spotify, Amazon, FedEx, Microsoft and many more.

4. Pixabay 

With over 100,000+ free vector images, Pixabay is quite popular among the designer community. Pixabay is a community-driven platform where thousands of contributors regularly submit their art. The platform publishes these images under their own license, which allows image users to use the picture in commercial and non-commercial projects without giving attribution or credit to the author. Though it would be appreciated if the user does so.

5. Flaticon 

If you require vector icons for your project, then Flaticon is a perfect place for you. Flaticon claims they have the largest database of free vector icons and icon packs available in PSD, PNG, SVD, EPS, and BASE 64 formats. The Flaticon library has 3.4 million vector icons sorted in 64 different categories. They also provide an icon editor where you can change your icon’s colour, size and download them in the various formats it supports. Besides this, there is also a free pattern creator where you can create patterns using Flaticon icons.

6. Openclipart 

Open clipart is an online open-source library of free vector clipart images. Started in 2004, the platform has been serving the designer community with over 160,000 free vector images. According to the founders, they are the largest community artists making the best original free vector clipart images to use in any project. The website is licensed under Creative Common Zero (CC0) public domain license, which means you are free to use these images in your commercial or non-commercial projects without attribution.

7. Streamline Icons 

Streamline styles itself as the world’s largest vector icon pack. It has more than 30,000 vector icons sorted in 53 main categories and 720 sub-categories. All the icons are available in Light, Regular, and Bold weights. These royalty-free vector icons can be downloaded in PNG format but you can have them in different formats in paid premium packages. It is easy to use in various graphics designing software such as Adobe Illustrator, Figma and Sketch.

8. Vector4Free 

Vector4Free website provides an extensive collection of free high-quality vector graphics shared by talented and generous graphic designers. Many of the vector images are licensed under Vector4Free’s own license and are free to be used in commercial and non-commercial projects without giving any credit to the site. However individual artist has different terms of use so it is advisable to check it out before using images commercially.

9. The Noun Project 

With a community of talented designers from 120+ countries, The Noun Project has a wide range of free vector icon images and stock photos. They believe the visual language has the power to change the world, and with this belief, they are serving creative artists for more than a decade. All these images are royalty-free, meaning you are allowed to download and use these images into your personal or commercial use.

10. Vecteezy 

Vecteezy is a community-driven platform containing millions of high-resolution free vector images, stock photos and videos. Its filter feature makes it easy to browse thousands of vector graphics in a matter of seconds. The platform has tons of categories to search for the perfect image for your project. You can also put a comment on photos to give your feedback or suggestions.

11. Vexels 

Vexels features a wide selection of royalty-free vector images and illustrations. Vexels has a talented team of illustrators and designers who are constantly creating these amazing vector graphics and uploading it daily. All these featured graphics are free to use in commercial and non-commercial projects with attribution. It has an easy-to-use online editor tool that lets you customize graphics according to your needs.

12. Iconmonstr 

iconmonstr is the best resource for free vector icons. The website is created by Alexander Kahlkopf, a Germany-based graphic designer to provide exclusive high-quality icons. There are over 4,000 graphics in formats like SVG, PNG, EPS, PND etc. You are free to use these vector icon images in your commercial and non-commercial projects without attribution as all these icons are licensed under iconmonstr free license.


The website is a stock image search engine providing over 150,000 high-quality free vector graphics. You just simply have to put any keyword you want an image for and it will display thousands of images from hundreds of collections. All the vector files on this platform are either uploaded by users or fetched by crawlers from public resource image libraries or blogs. Terms of use of these images are subject to the license set by the authors, so it is advisable to read LICENSE.txt before using any of the images in your projects.


Pimpmydrawing is a growing database of vector drawings of people, CAD blocks, silhouettes, and 2nd scale figures. The website provides vector photos in DWG and AI format and it is a perfect place for finding auto-cad architectural designs. Pimpmydrawing offers most of the images are free and you don’t even have to make an account to download these images. You are allowed to use these images in your personal and educational projects.

15. VectorStock 

VectorStock is the world’s premier vector-only image marketplace, as they claim. This vector graphics platform has a collection of 22 million+ high-quality premium and free vector images in their database, and more than 10,000+ new images are being added daily. Such a vast collection is like heaven for web and graphics designers.

16. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is one of the giant leading graphics resource platforms in the world. It has a library of 300 million+ images and more than 200,000 pictures are being added daily by 1 million+ contributors from all over the globe. It offers extensive collections of vector images for all kinds of work. All the stock vectors are royalty-free which means they can be used multiple times after purchasing a license.

17. Pixeden 

Pixeden offers high-quality, high-resolution premium and free vector graphics and resources. It has a wide range of vector images, icons, stock photos, textures, and templates. Most of the vector graphics are free but they have some amazing collections for premium subscribers as well. If you are a professional designer you should consider having a premium membership.

18. The Noun Project 

The Noun Project aggregates vector icons and stock photos made by creative graphic designers around the world. You can download from a collection of over 3 million vector icons by various categories. All the images are royalty-free and licensed under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) public license. You can use all vector icons and images in your commercial projects.

19. Dry Icons 

Dry Icons has a huge collection of more than 6,700 vector icons. Dry Icons has a team of talented designers who regularly creates and publishes vector icons on the platform. All icons are licensed under Dry Icon’s own license and free to use in any personal, educational, commercial, or open-source project. Their only condition is to provide a link back to their site on every Dry Icon material you use.

20. HD Icons 

The HD icons provide beautiful high-quality free vector resources in various categories like animals, food, nature, floral, fruits, celebrations, people, logos, vehicles, etc. The site offers vector images in AI, EPS, and CDR formats. You can also download raster versions with transparent backgrounds in PNG formats.


You will find tons of free vector images from these amazing sites. If we missed out on any other great vector site, do let us know by commenting below. Share this article with your designer friends and colleagues and help them create a beautiful design for their projects.

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