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Are you looking for an agency to develop custom plugins for you? We are here to help you out.

Why Choose US

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Proper validated code

Security is the first thing we think about when we start doing any development task.

plugin development,wordpress

WordPress Coding Standards

We use WordPress coding standards for each code to make sure the code stays clear and secure.


Extensive code

We write each code by keeping extension in mind, whenever we want to extend functionality we can extend it via the same code.

plugin development,wordpress

Best Security Practices

We adhere to the best security practices during development to ensure the safety of your site.

Our Solutions

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Develop WooCommerce Extension

Are you looking to expand eCommerce functionality? We can help to build a custom extension for your website.

plugin development,wordpress

Third-party API Integration

We can help you to create a plugin to integrate custom third-party APIs.

plugin development,wordpress

WP CLI plugin

Are you having large data that needs to be compiled in the background? We are the right agency to start with.

plugin development,wordpress

Maintain Current Plugin

We can help you to keep your current plugin up to date with the recent technological changes.

plugin development,wordpress

Enhance current WordPress features

We can help you to create a plugin to enhance WordPress features.

Frequently Asked Questions

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An awesome job by qrolic. I got exactly what I wanted with very professional team. Thanks so much!.

Rob Fine

An awesome job by qrolic. I got exactly what I wanted with very professional team. Thanks so much!.

Our Process


Uncover Your Vision

We dive deep, analyze your needs, and craft a custom roadmap for online success. 


Expert Build & Feedback

Our team codes your dream, keeping you connected with progress updates and your voice guiding the way. 


Refine & Iterate

We polish your website based on your input, ensuring it exceeds your expectations and captivates your audience.


Lifelong Partnership

We’re here for your journey, providing ongoing support and updates to keep your website soaring.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of plugins do you develop?

We craft custom plugins for diverse needs, from enhancing existing functionalities to automating tasks and building unique features. Examples include:
– Ecommerce extensions: Manage product subscriptions, create custom checkout flows, or integrate with payment gateways.
– Content management tools: Implement custom post types, dynamic content displays, or user-generated content modules.
– Membership plugins: Build gated content, manage user roles and permissions, or create exclusive member communities.
– Security and optimization plugins: Enhance website security, optimize performance, or implement spam prevention measures.
– Data visualization tools: Create custom charts, graphs, or dashboards to showcase your data.

 How much does custom plugin development cost?

The cost depends on the complexity of your plugin, its features, and the development time required. We offer transparent pricing and provide a free quote based on your specific needs. Contact us for a tailored estimate

What is your development process for plugins?

We follow a collaborative approach:
– Discovery & Planning: We discuss your needs, desired functionalities, and target audience.
– Technical Specifications: We define the plugin’s technical requirements and architecture.
– Development & Testing: We build your plugin using secure coding practices and thorough testing.
– Deployment & Launch: We launch your plugin seamlessly on your WordPress website.
– Support & Maintenance: We offer ongoing support and updates to ensure your plugin runs smoothly.

Can you integrate my plugin with other WordPress plugins or themes?

Sure! We have extensive experience integrating custom plugins with existing themes and plugins to ensure seamless functionality and avoid conflicts.

How do you ensure my plugin is secure and compatible with different WordPress versions?

Security and compatibility are top priorities. We:
– Follow strict security best practices to protect your plugin from vulnerabilities.
– Develop your plugin using WordPress coding standards and ensure compatibility with current and future versions.
– Test your plugin thoroughly across different environments to guarantee smooth operation.

Do you offer custom plugin updates and bug fixes?

Yes! We understand that your needs might evolve, and we offer flexible options for post-development support:
– One-time bug fixes: Need a quick fix? We’ll handle minor issues efficiently.
– Hourly support packages: Purchase hours of developer time for ongoing maintenance and updates.
– Custom retainer agreements: Discuss tailored support plans to match your specific needs.

Do you offer support and maintenance for plugins after development?

Absolutely! We offer various support and maintenance plans to ensure your plugin runs smoothly and securely:
– Security updates: We keep your plugin up-to-date with the latest security patches and WordPress versions.
– Performance optimization: We monitor your plugin and optimize it for fast loading times and efficient performance.
– Bug fixes and troubleshooting: We’re there to address any technical issues that might arise.

Do you offer a free consultation to discuss my plugin development needs?

Absolutely! We love collaborating with clients to bring their plugin ideas to life. Schedule your free consultation today, and let’s discuss your vision and make your WordPress website even more powerful with a custom plugin!

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