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Your wordpress website holding you back ?

It’s not performing as well as you’d like in terms of attracting visitors or converting them into customers. Maybe you’re struggling.

Your Code is Complex

Your Code is Complex

  • Messy or very old code: hard to understand and maintain.
  • Your Code/Logic is Too Complex.
  • Difficult to debug and extend.
Your Current Team is Not Efficient in WordPress

Your Current Team is Not Efficient in WordPress

  • Frequent New Errors When Implementing Changes.
  • Increased time and cost to fix errors.
Your Website is Not Performing

Your Website is Not Performing

  • Slow loading times.
  • Poor user experience and lower search engine rankings.
  • Bad Core Web Vitals (CWV) score.
Not Able to Scale Your Website

Not Able to Scale Your Website

  • Website crashes or slows down during peak traffic.
  • Loss of potential customers due to poor performance.
  • Your Website is Not Able to Handle Concurrent Users.

Your One-Stop Solution

How we can help you to solve that?

At Qrolic Technologies, we follow a systematic process to solve your problems effectively.

We Understand You

We Understand You

We invest time to understand your unique goals and challenges, delivering solutions that align with your vision and follow industry best practices.

We Showcase Through Actions

We Showcase Through Actions

Our team ensures precise implementation, rigorous testing, and smooth deployment to provide a reliable and efficient product.

We Keep You in the Loop

We Keep You in the Loop

We maintain clear communication and provide comprehensive reports, keeping you informed at every step of the process.

We Believe in Long-Term Relationships

We Believe in Long-Term Relationships

We offer ongoing support and are committed to helping you grow, fostering a strong and lasting partnership.

How We Transform Problem Into Success

Case Studies

Explore Real-Life Examples of Our Proven WordPress Services Success through Our Case Studies.

30 Seconds to 4 Seconds: How We Transformed a Data-Heavy WordPress Site

  • Dramatic Performance Improvement
  • Expert, Tailored Optimization

Read Success Story

Achieving Blazing-Fast Loading Times: A qrolic.com Case Study

  • Cutting-Edge Block Theme Development
  • Exceptional Speed Enhancement

Read Success Story

Qrolic Technologies did an outstanding job upgrading our WordPress setup. They successfully upgraded the platform, removed the complex custom code that had accumulated over the years and converted it into reusable components. This not only streamlined our codebase but also made future updates and maintenance much easier. The team at Qrolic demonstrated exceptional Technical Expertise in WordPress development. Their attention to detail and commitment to delivering high-quality work were evident throughout the project. The project was delivered without any negative impact on the existing site load time. I highly recommend Qrolic Technologies for their exceptional WordPress Development Services and for their professionalism and commitment to the timelines.

Pratyush Majumdar

Vice President (Technology) – 91Mobiles

“Why Choose Qrolic Over Other WordPress Agencies?”

We prioritize security, scalability, and performance, excelling in handling complex websites with dedication and expertise.



Working with US

Is your website stuck in the past, struggling to compete?

Your Current Problem

  • Messy or very old code
  • Poor performance
  • Scalability issues
  • Too many development revisions
  • Too much time to fix urgent issues
  • Complex Pricing

See the Difference



Working with US

We specialize in turning digital headaches into success stories:

See the Transformation

  • Streamlined codebase
  • Lightning-fast performance
  • Seamless scalability
  • 4 Step testing to decrease revisions
  • Priorities according to your needs
  • Simple Pricing


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Thanks for always being with startup and try to understand their pain point and support them in every possible way. So I would really recommend my other friends to get in touch in the future.

Very proficient and clean work. I'm impressed with the stamina Qrolic have to understand our complicated business requirements. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to this project.

Working with Qrolic is easy because excellent communication and a great work, I worked with Qrolic in a very hard job and team has done a perfect job for me. I suggest to work with him.

Trusted by large companies worldwide.


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