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As we are a team of experts, we can improve your site performance significantly, by following the best improvement methods.

100 Guarantee 2

100% guarantee

We guarantee 100% performance improvement for your WordPress website

Improve Core

Free Website audit

We offer a complimentary website audit to identify performance improvement opportunities.

Improve Speed 2

Expertly Done

Performance Optimization tasks are handled manually by our expert team members.

Full Detailed Report 2

Full Detailed Report

We’ll furnish a comprehensive report detailing all changes made to your website.

Server Speed

Web Server Speed Improvement

We can audit and optimize server configuration to improve the speed of your page, we are capable of doing configuration for Apache and Nginx servers.


Query Optimization

We can check the time-consuming queries and can optimize them to improve the performance of specific pages.

Cache 2

Implement Object Cache

We can add the object cache to your website to improve the performance of your site

Database Cleanup 1

Database Cleanup

If you have a large website, then it’s obvious there is a lot of data in your database, and most of the time we are keeping unnecessary data in the database, which can make queries slower.


NewRelic Audit

We can install NewRelic on your web server and track things that are taking time and can optimize based on it.

Static Things

Static Things Caching

We can help to create an algorithm to put the static things in the cache and not directly request resources from a database or do calculations on each request.


Optimizing Requests

We can optimize the requests to not fetch many resources, and send multiple resources in single requests.

Improve Core web vitals

Improve Core web vitals

We specialize in enhancing your website’s Core Web Vitals, addressing key metrics such as FCP, LCP, Total Blocking Time, and Speed Index for optimal performance and user experience.

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Working with Qrolic is easy because excellent communication and a great work, I worked with Qrolic in a very hard job and team has done a perfect job for me. I suggest to work with him.

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