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Qrolic Technologies offers comprehensive WordPress maintenance services, ensuring you can remain worry-free about future updates. Our team of WordPress experts is proficient in enhancing your website, improving its speed, and implementing various optimizations to enhance its performance

Why Choose US

WordPress Maintenance

100% Worry free

We offer a full refund if our service falls short of your satisfaction.

WordPress Maintenance

Expertly Done

Guaranteed Performance and Security Through Proactive Maintenance

WordPress Maintenance

Advice every month

Monthly reports will highlight site improvements and upcoming WordPress changes for your awareness.

WordPress Maintenance

Full detailed report

We’ll furnish a comprehensive report detailing all changes made to your website.

Our Solutions

WordPress Maintenance

Security Updates

Security is a core principle; we promptly apply updates to ensure your site stays secure.

WordPress Maintenance

Plugin Updates

Our WordPress maintenance service includes monthly plugin updates, ensuring compatibility with your environment.

WordPress Maintenance

Theme Updates

Maintenance service includes regular theme updates, ensuring compatibility and consistency with no impact on the front-end design.

WordPress Maintenance

PHP Upgrade

We recommend upgrading to stable PHP versions when available, ensuring compatibility for increased site speed as part of our service.

WordPress Maintenance

Server Upgrades

As part of our maintenance service, we conduct thorough server assessments every six months, identifying and implementing optimizations and upgrades based on the latest stable releases.

WordPress Maintenance

Performance Improvement

Every month we do the free performance checkup to know site performing well or not, and we suggest ways to improve it.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Excellent working with Qrolic. very smart and intelligent workmanship.

Jonathan Snow

Our Process


Uncover Your Vision

We dive deep, analyze your needs, and craft a custom roadmap for online success. 


Expert Build & Feedback

Our team codes your dream, keeping you connected with progress updates and your voice guiding the way. 


Refine & Iterate

We polish your website based on your input, ensuring it exceeds your expectations and captivates your audience.


Lifelong Partnership

We’re here for your journey, providing ongoing support and updates to keep your website soaring.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your WordPress maintenance service cost?

Our pricing plans are based on the size and complexity of your website and the specific services you need. We offer various flexible plans to fit your budget. Contact us for a free quote.

How often do you perform maintenance tasks?

We perform security updates and plugin updates automatically. We recommend scheduled monthly maintenance for performance optimization and other tasks. We can customize the frequency based on your needs.

Do you handle backups and disaster recovery?

Yes, we create regular backups of your website and data and offer a disaster recovery plan to ensure you can quickly restore your website in case of any issues.

Do you offer one-time WordPress maintenance services?

Absolutely! We understand that sometimes you might need a specific task handled, like a security audit or plugin update. We offer flexible one-time services to address your immediate needs.

What kind of reporting do you provide?

We provide detailed reports on your website’s uptime, performance, security, and other key metrics. This helps you stay informed and track the effectiveness of our service.

Do you offer any guarantees?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with our service, you can cancel at any time.

Do you offer emergency support?

Yes! We provide emergency support to all our maintenance clients. We understand that website downtime can be costly, and we’re committed to resolving any issues quickly and efficiently.

What types of WordPress websites do you maintain?

We’re equipped to handle all kinds of WordPress websites, from simple blogs to complex e-commerce platforms and membership sites. Whether you’re a small business, a blogger, or a large organization, we can tailor a maintenance plan to your specific needs.

What makes Qrolic Technologies different from other WordPress maintenance providers?

– Experience and Expertise: We boast a team of seasoned WordPress developers and security specialists who understand the platform inside and out.
– Proactive Approach: We don’t just wait for problems to occur. We actively monitor your website, identify potential issues, and take preventive measures to keep your site secure and performant.
– Customizable Plans: We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We tailor our maintenance plans to your specific website needs and budget.
– Transparent Communication: We keep you informed about every step we take and explain everything in clear, concise language.
– Emergency Support: We’re here to help you as soon as possible.

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