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Fonts are a language and tone your website speaks in. If it is too fancy your readers won’t be able to understand, if it is too sober your readers will get bored and most probably leave your website. Choosing the right font for your digital or print project is as extremely important as choosing a colour or layout.

A true designer will never settle down for the first typeface they see or whatever is installed on their computer. As a professional, you should consider trying 4 to 5 different fonts to decide the right one. Here we have curated a list of websites where you can find thousands of free fonts to download.

15+ most amazing websites

1. Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel is one of the well-known websites for downloading free fonts. They have a massive collection of fonts. Almost all the fonts featured in this site is free for commercial use, but still reading a license document regarding a particular font is advisable. Besides free fonts, they have an amazing free tool called Font Identifier. You simply have to upload an image containing the fonts you want to find, and it will do it’s best to find those fonts in the Font Squirrel database.

2. Google Fonts

When someone asks where to find free fonts, the first place that comes in our mind is Google Fonts. Google Fonts is extremely popular among web and graphic designers. This tech giant has an open-source fonts library for you. You can use those free fonts in every project – print or digital, commercial or non-commercial.

3. Behance 

Behance is a social media platform owned by Adobe, that showcases the creative work of talented artists from all over the world. Members of Behance can follow each other’s profiles and upload their creative projects to be appreciated by registered and unregistered users. You might have to dig down a little deep to find free fonts but trust me they have them. They have a beautiful collection of fonts which can be used into your print or digital platform.

4. FontSpace

With over 71,000 free fonts uploaded by a community of 2,900+ designers, FontSpace is a legitimate source for finding beautiful fonts for your projects. They offer more than 15,000+ fonts which can be freely used in your commercial projects. This designer-centred website almost daily updates their library with new and unique fonts.

5. DaFont

The website may not be well-designed but DaFont offers a rich collection of 53,000+ great typefaces. This community-driven fonts platform provides beautiful fonts ready to be used in commercial and non-commercial projects. All fonts are particular author’s property so reviewing license terms before using it will save you from legal actions.

6. Abstract Fonts 

Abstract Fonts is another community-driven font website where designers from all around the world publish thousands of free fonts on a regular basis. Some of the featured fonts are free to download and use in your print or digital, commercial or non-commercial projects.

7. FontStruct 

FontStruct is a free online font-building tool for creating customized fonts in a quick. You can make your own FontStructions with different geometrical shapes using the FontStructor editor. You can browse fonts created by thousands of other creative designers and use them in your commercial or non-commercial projects for free, as per the accompanying license allow.

8. 1001 Fonts 

Don’t assume the lack of variety of fonts on by making assumptions reading its name. This font website contains 10,000 free fonts. Most of the fonts are freeware, but if you want to download them in a single package, you can do so with $19.95, and add all the 10,000 stylist fonts into your personal computer collection in just one click.

9. Smashing Magazine 

Smashing magazine is a great designing resource, a publishing house for the designers’ community, and has a curated list of professionally created free fonts for web and graphics designers. The talented designers regularly publish their work on this open-source font library, which is worth checking.

10. Font Fabric 

From a graduation project to a leading typography website, Font Fabric speaks about the successful journey of its founders. This font platform is serving professionals, freelancers, students, and some of the leading businesses for more than a decade. They have a huge collection of free fonts, especially in Cyrillic script.

11. Befonts 

Befonts has a curated list of high-quality fonts for free to use in your personal and commercial projects. They update their database almost daily with beautiful script type, professional sans serif fonts, calligraphy fonts, handwritten fonts, brush fonts, script fonts and many other kinds of fonts.

12. Graphic Design Freebies 

Searching for designing freebies? Graphic Design Freebies is here. It’s a home for amazing free graphic design goods such as fonts, illustrations, mock-ups, and templates. It has an extensive collection of professional-looking free fonts ready to use in your creative projects.

13. Awwwards 

Awwwards is a website having complimentary typography for every design project. The website is created for design professionals around the world, to find inspiration, impart knowledge, and share experiences with the creative community. The platform offers the finest quality of free fonts and typography for personal and commercial use.

14. The League of Movable Type 

The League of Movable Type started as a revolution to provide free typefaces to wanna-be type designers who wanted to learn typography and seek free fonts to experiment with to get kick-started in the field. Today the website is a major open-source font resource and offers thousands of typefaces designed and published by hundreds of type professionals.

15. Urban Fonts 

With a minimalistic interface, the Urban Fonts website offers more than 8,000 free fonts to immediately use in your project. Almost all the featured fonts are freeware, however, some of them are shareware or linkware so they advise to thoroughly review usage and license documents included with the font file.

16. Pixel Surplus 

Pixel Surplus offers amazing high-quality free fonts and premium font bundles handcrafted by its top designers. You can download these fonts and use them multiple times in all your personal or commercial projects.


Choosing the right font is an extremely important aspect of designing. You don’t want to bore your readers or frustrate them with fonts that are not properly readable. Visit these sites to find a variety of fonts that go very well with your design.

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