30 Seconds to 4 Seconds: How We Transformed a Data-Heavy WordPress Site


Executive Summary:

Imagine a WordPress website, a leviathan of information with an 800MB database, churning through vast amounts of data. Sound slow? It was. But what if we told you we transformed this behemoth into a blazing-fast 4-second wonder? This case study delves into our thrilling journey of optimizing a large-scale, data-heavy WordPress site, crushing its 30-second loading times, and unleashing its true potential.

Project Type

Performance Optimization of large data processing site.

Tools & Technologies

WordPress, Redis, New Relic

The Challenge:

Our client, a fintech company, was struggling with their WordPress website. Pages took an agonizing 30 seconds to load, leading to frustrated users. This significantly impacted adding new data, frequent downtime, and reporting.

Our Approach:

We knew brute force wouldn’t work. Instead, we employed a strategic, data-driven approach, targeting key areas:

Query Sequence Streamlining:

We analyzed and optimized database queries to reduce their number and complexity, minimizing the strain on the server.

Ajax Requests Optimization:

We identified and eliminated unnecessary Ajax requests that were contributing to page bloat and slow loading.

Cache Utilization:

We implemented a robust caching system for static data and visual elements, significantly reducing load times and improving user experience.

Dashboard Optimization:

We streamlined the dashboard by caching data from widgets, leading to a smoother and faster user interface.

New Relic Optimization:

We leveraged New Relic to monitor performance and implement targeted optimizations, including reducing active New Relic hooks and caching their responses.

Cron Job Rationalization:

We eliminated unnecessary and optimized the remaining scheduled tasks, reducing server workload and improving system stability.


The results were nothing short of transformative. The website’s loading time plummeted from 30 seconds to a remarkable 4 seconds, representing a staggering 875% improvement. Additionally, we observed:

  • Reduced server workload and improved resource utilization, even with the demanding data processing tasks.
  • A smoother and more responsive user experience, even while handling the site’s vast data.
  • Increased user engagement.


This case study demonstrates that even the most data-heavy WordPress sites can be transformed into speed demons. By strategically optimizing critical areas and leveraging data-driven insights, we unlocked the true potential of this vast website, delivering phenomenal results for our client. This success story emphasizes the importance of prioritizing website speed, even for large data sites, and highlights the power of meticulous optimization in today’s digital landscape.

P.S: Wondering why we haven’t improved the speed beyond 4 seconds? The website had poorly written code, so our next project involves rewriting current queries to achieve further speed improvements.

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