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VS Code is the most favorite source code editor in the developer community. It’s out of the box features such as code completion, syntax highlighting, support for git and GitHub, integrated Command Line Interface, extensions, etc. makes developers fall in love with it. It offers a wide range of extensions to use in your project. Here we are going to list some useful VS Code extensions you can use in the Laravel project to enhance web development. 

1. Laravel Artisan

Laravel Artisan extension is a great tool to run artisan commands from within Visual Studio Code’s command-line interface. With this extension, you can run multiple instances of the artisan in the same workspace hierarchy. 

2. Laravel Assist

Laravel Assist is an auxiliary development extension for VS Code. This extension helps developers in routing, configuration, suggesting code, autocompleting code, and viewing the controller’s definitions. 

3. Laravel Blade Snippets

Laravel Blade Snippet extension supports blade snippets and highlights blade syntax suggestions for VS code editor. It displays the respective blade snippet when typed. This extension makes your blade template coding faster and easier. 

4. Laravel Extra Intellisense

This extension offers an auto-completion feature for eloquent, resource, factory, view, config, and route. You save a lot of time coding in Laravel if you use Laravel Extra Intellisense as it prompts code suggestions and auto-completes code for you. 

5. Laravel Snippets

Laravel Snippets provides many code snippets to use in Laravel application. Instead of typing long code, you just have to type the prefix of any code and the code will be automatically added to your document file.


These are the five VS Code extensions you can use to accelerate your laravel project development. I hope this article offered a little help to you. For more such articles on Laravel and other technologies, check our blog page, and don’t forget to share this post with your fellow developers.

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