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Planning to build your first ever website and wondering the right platform to choose, WordPress or Wix?

Sit back; you’re not alone sailing in the confusion. Whether it’s a professional or commercial, a website reflects your identity and values to your audience. Thus, it’s indeed a big decision to think about and consider necessary features before you build a website. Here are the features compiled by our experts to help you decide on the right platform for your website development requirements: WordPress or Wix.

WordPress or Wix: Make a Right Choice

Both WordPress and Wix are popular approaches for building a website. However, they are quite different from each other. While Wix is a website builder, WordPress or WP is a self-hosted source and open CMS, expanded as a Content Management System. Generally, platforms like Wix are easier to use, but CMS is more customizable than others. Let’s understand these points in brief to make an informed decision between Wix and WordPress.

1. Market Dominance: Which is the most preferred platform, WordPress or Wix?

Before building a website for yourself, you might want to learn about the existing websites on the internet. Or simply a question about what people like you prefer, Wix or WordPress, to create their websites might often revolve around your mind. You might be amazed to find that WordPress dominates the internet. With more than 60% of the share, WordPress is one of the most popular CMS and website builders across the globe. On the other hand, Wix contributes 3.6% of the market share. And it ranks 5th among website-building tools.

2. Ease of Use: Which is easier to use, Wix or WordPress?

The second consideration is: Which is easier to use, WordPress or Wix? Compared to Wix, WordPress is more difficult, especially when you know nothing about coding. As WordPress opens the customizing options through coding, allowing you to add elements and designs as per your preferences. Additionally, the number of plugins in WordPress increases the complexity of the website. On the other hand, Wix offers you a drag-and-drop builder. This user-free interface and building option is easier and ideal for beginners with little technical knowledge.

3. Designs and Appeal: Where can you build a more appealing and interactive website?

Do you know that 75% of user credibility comes with an appealing website? Thus, building a website that looks charming and attractive is essential to broaden your customer engagement. And here, WordPress emerges as a winner. With more than 9000 free themes and templates, WordPress is highly customizable. Even with limited coding knowledge, you can virtually design any website aligning with your business goals. While Wix merely supports around 800 free templates with limited customization options. All you can do is edit with text, images, and basic layouts.

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4. SEO Options: Which platform is best for SEO implementation, WordPress or Wix?

SEO plays a crucial role in improving the SERPs of your content pages. Website development platform comes with built-in SEO assistance that makes the task a lot easier for your SEO persons. While Wix supports basic SEO, with WordPress, you can unlock advanced SEO by implementing plugins like Yoast SEO. Advanced SEO plugins further offer you in-depth optimization and sitemap generation. Even with SEO protocols, Wix users often struggle with the loading speed of the web pages, which adversely impacts user
engagement. Thus, when you have to implement a successful SEO strategy, go for WordPress over Wix.

5. Pricing Plans: Which is a more cost-effective solution between Wix and WordPress?

Another important factor to consider before building a website is cost-effectiveness, especially for small-scale businesses with limited budgets. While Wix’s free plan comes with limited features and is often interrupted by numerous ads, the premium plans range from $5/month to $ 45/month. You can subscribe to the one that is right for you, depending on the features and storage needs. On the other hand, WordPress is an open-source CMS, and most of the features are available for free use. But, users need to pay for web hosting, which typically starts at $2/month. Additionally, you have to pay prices for paid themes and plugins. So, more or less, WordPress is a more cost-effective solution for building a website.

WordPress vs Wix: Action Points

  • Clearly define your website’s purpose and target audience before choosing a platform.
    • Choose WordPress for:
      • Extensive customization and flexibility
      • Advanced SEO control and plugin options
      • Long-term scalability and growth
      • Developer freedom and open-source community
    • Choose Wix for:
      • User-friendly drag-and-drop interface
      • Quick and easy website creation
      • Beginner-friendly with limited technical knowledge
      • Affordable plans for basic websites
  • Prioritize SEO if visibility and organic traffic are important for your website.
  • Consider consulting a web development expert for guidance and support.
  • Remember, the best platform depends on your individual needs and priorities.

Still Confused? Consult an Expert

The choice between WordPress and Wix for building your website hinges on several key factors, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. You need to analyze your business goals thoroughly before reaching an outcome. Additionally, you can always consult an expert web development company to make an informed decision. The ultimate decision rests on the interplay of technical proficiency, scalability requirements, and budget constraints. Schedule a call today to decide which is the best as per your business goals: WordPress or Wix

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