3x Faster Admin: Optimizing WordPress Backend for Peak Performance


Executive Summary:

Imagine the scenario: you navigate your WordPress admin panel, ready to conquer your CRM tasks. But instead of a seamless workflow, sluggish loading times, lagging pages, and endless spinning wheels greet you. Frustration mounts, productivity plummets, and precious time ticks away. Sound familiar?

At Qrolic Technologies, WordPress optimization is our expertise, and we’ve witnessed firsthand the crippling effects of a slow, custom CRM-integrated backend. Recently, we collaborated with a client facing this very challenge. Their WordPress site housed a custom CRM solution, with essential functionalities embedded directly in the admin panel. Unfortunately, the backend had morphed into a productivity black hole, hindering their team’s efficiency and impacting their overall customer relationship management (CRM) efforts.

Project Type

Performance Optimization of WordPress admin ( wp-admin ).

Tools & Technologies

WordPress, Redis, New Relic

The Challenge:

Our client faced a common woe: a slow and cumbersome WordPress admin panel housing their custom CRM. This impacted their team’s productivity, customer service efficiency, and overall website performance. The culprits? A combination of factors, including:

Resource-hogging plugins: Both custom plugins powering the CRM and unnecessary third-party plugins were slowing things down.

Inefficient database queries: Repetitive and excessive database calls were creating unnecessary strain on the server.

Lack of caching: Frequently accessed data wasn’t being stored efficiently, leading to slower response times.

Our Approach:

We took a meticulous and data-driven approach, tailored to the client’s specific needs:

Plugin Powerhouse:

Identified and addressed slow-loading plugins: Removed unnecessary ones, updated code for efficiency, and even collaborated with developers for optimal performance.

Optimized custom CRM plugins: Streamlined code, improved data handling processes, and addressed specific performance concerns within the CRM functionalities.

Query Quashing:

Reviewed and optimized database queries: Eliminated unnecessary calls, ensuring efficient data retrieval for both core WordPress and custom CRM functionalities.

Reduced loop-based queries: Optimized queries to avoid fetching the same data repeatedly, especially in loops within the CRM.

Caching Champion:

Implemented object caching (Memcached): Stored frequently accessed CRM data in memory for faster retrieval, significantly reducing server load and improving response times.

Page-by-Page Precision:

Analyzed user interactions and data flow: Identified bottlenecks in specific CRM functionalities like lead management, deal tracking, and reports.

Implemented targeted optimizations: We leveraged New Relic to monitor performance and implement targeted optimizations, including reducing active New Relic hooks and caching their responses.


Identified opportunities for background task processing: Scheduled non-critical CRM tasks to run in the background, preventing them from impacting user experience.

Planned for database cleanup: Scheduled regular maintenance to remove unnecessary data and optimize database performance over time.


The results were transformative:

3x Faster Admin Panel: Tasks that once took minutes now zipped by in seconds, boosting team productivity and morale.

Enhanced CRM User Experience: A smoother, more responsive CRM empowered efficient customer relationship management.

Potential Website Performance Boost: Optimized backend processes likely contributed to a faster overall website experience for users.


Optimizing your WordPress admin panel and custom CRM isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s an investment in your team’s productivity, customer service efficiency, and ultimately, your business success. By addressing common bottlenecks and implementing strategic optimizations, you can unlock a world of benefits, just like our client did.

Ready to ditch the lag and embrace a lightning-fast WordPress experience? Contact Qrolic Technologies today for a free consultation. We’ll help you diagnose your backend woes and prescribe a personalized optimization plan to get your WordPress running at peak performance. Remember, a faster backend translates to a happier team, more engaged customers, and a thriving business. Let’s optimize your WordPress together!