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Block themes are a new type of WordPress theme that provides more flexibility for the content, has a rich (block) editor, and is faster than the classic theme. Block theme can provide a really good backend editing experience and it can really help you to get ready for the future.

Why Choose US

Best Security Practices

We employ robust security measures by implementing validation and sanitization at every step.

Pixel Perfect & Responsive (Mobile Friendly) Design

We ensure that all websites we create are pixel-perfect and visually appealing on all devices.

WordPress Coding Standards

We use WordPress coding standards to make sure the code stays clear and secure.

Extensive Code

We write each code by keeping extension in mind, whenever we want to extend functionality we can extend it via the same code.

Our Solutions

Block Theme,gutenberg technology

Convert classic theme to Block ( Gutenberg ) Theme

We can convert your current theme to a Block theme which can be ready for the future, and with great editing experience.

Block Theme,gutenberg technology

Move Divi to Block Theme

Divi is slower than most themes, if you are facing performance issues with the Divi theme, we can help you out to move to Block Theme.

Block Theme,gutenberg technology

Create a new Block Theme

We can help you to create a modern, intuitive, and robust block theme for your website, which can be secure, pixel-perfect, and mobile friendly ( responsive ).

Block Theme,gutenberg technology

Upgrade Block theme

Are you looking to enhance your current theme, or add a new feature to your current theme, we are the best agency to help you out.

Working with Qrolic is easy because excellent communication and a great work, I worked with Qrolic in a very hard job and team has done a perfect job for me. I suggest to work with him.

Tim Grunow

Working with Qrolic is easy because excellent communication and a great work, I worked with Qrolic in a very hard job and team has done a perfect job for me. I suggest to work with him.

Why choose Qrolic Technologies as a Block Theme Development partner?

  • We know WordPress core very well.
  • We do everything via WordPress way ( Using their hooks and filters )
  • We don’t use shortcuts to get the output, we write proper code that can be extended at any time.
  • We use the WordPress coding standard 3.0 for the best quality code.
  • We use proper skeleton to make sure everything stays in the proper place, and the code does not get messy.
  • We use the best security practices while developing to avoid any future vulnerabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Process


Uncover Your Vision

We dive deep, analyze your needs, and craft a custom roadmap for online success. 


Expert Build & Feedback

Our team codes your dream, keeping you connected with progress updates and your voice guiding the way. 


Refine & Iterate

We polish your website based on your input, ensuring it exceeds your expectations and captivates your audience.


Lifelong Partnership

We’re here for your journey, providing ongoing support and updates to keep your website soaring.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are block themes, and why should I use them?

Block themes are the future of WordPress theme development. They offer:
– Greater flexibility: Build dynamic and unique layouts using reusable blocks.
– Improved user experience: Drag-and-drop editing empowers both developers and content creators.
– Future-proof design: Stay ahead of the curve with Gutenberg’s ever-evolving features.
– Faster loading times: Lightweight code ensures optimal performance.

What’s the difference between classic themes and block themes?

Classic themes often use pre-defined layouts and rely on code for customization. Block themes offer greater flexibility and user-friendly editing through independent blocks. Think of it as building with Lego bricks instead of a fixed template!

Can I migrate my existing theme to a block theme?

Yes, we can convert your existing theme to a modern block theme, preserving your content and functionality while unlocking the benefits of Gutenberg.

What types of block themes do you develop?

We specialize in:
– Custom block themes: Tailored to your brand and website requirements.
– Ecommerce block themes: Optimized for online stores and product pages.
– Blog and portfolio block themes: Captivating your audience with engaging content.
– Business and corporate block themes: Professional and sleek design for brands.

Can you create a Block Theme that matches my specific branding and design needs?

Absolutely! We specialize in crafting custom Block Themes that seamlessly align with your brand identity and design vision. We’ll collaborate closely with you to understand your preferences, colors, typography, and desired functionalities. Our designers and developers will then bring your vision to life through a unique and optimized Block Theme.

How much does block theme development cost?

The cost depends on your specific needs and project complexity. We offer transparent pricing and provide a free consultation to discuss your requirements and budget.

Do you ensure my Block Theme follows WordPress coding standards and best practices?

Quality and long-term maintainability are paramount at Qrolic Technologies. We strictly adhere to WordPress coding standards and best practices. This ensures your theme is clean, secure, and compatible with future WordPress updates. You can rest assured your website is built on a solid foundation.

Is my Block Theme optimized for performance and SEO?

Speed and discoverability are crucial for a successful website. We optimize your Block Theme for optimal performance, ensuring fast loading times and a pleasant user experience. Additionally, we implement SEO best practices throughout the development process, helping your website rank higher in search engines.

Will my Block Theme be mobile-friendly and responsive?

A resounding yes! All our Block Themes are meticulously crafted to adapt beautifully to any screen size and device. Your website will look stunning and function flawlessly on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. We prioritize responsive design, ensuring a seamless user experience for all visitors.

Do you involve me in the design and development process?

Collaboration is key! We value your input and involve you throughout the design and development process. We’ll share mockups, gather your feedback, and make revisions until you’re completely satisfied with your Block Theme. We believe transparency and communication are essential for a successful project.

Do you offer ongoing support after theme development?

Absolutely! We provide maintenance and support service to ensure your block theme functions smoothly and stays updated with the latest WordPress and Gutenberg features.

What makes Qrolic Technologies different for block theme development?

– Gutenberg expertise: Our team is well-versed in Gutenberg’s latest advancements and best practices.
– Customizable solutions: We design and develop block themes that perfectly match your brand and vision.
– Performance optimization: We prioritize fast loading times and optimal website performance.
– Seamless workflow: We communicate effectively and keep you involved throughout the development process.
– Post-launch support: We ensure your block theme remains secure and up-to-date after launch.

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