How to clear cache in Laravel


Cache memory can cause some frustrating issues in web development. If your site isn’t showing the intended view after updating, the cache memory may be the reason. You should regularly clear the cache to seamlessly run your web application. 

Here are some commands you can use to clear cache in the Laravel framework. 

Clear all stored cache in storage/cache:

To clear application cache, run this command: 

php artisan cache:clear 

Clear route cache: 

To clear route cache, run this command:

php artisan route:clear 

Clear view cache: 

To clear view cache, run this command:

php artisan view:clear 

Clear class cache: 

To clear class cache, run this command: 

php artisan config:cache 

Reoptimized class loader: 

To reoptimize the class loader, run this command: 

php artisan optimize 

How to clear cache in shared hosting servers:

To clear Shared Hosting Server cache, run this command:

Route::get(‘/clear-cache’, function() { 


    return “Cache is cleared”; 



Cache memory can sometimes create a problem at development time when you don’t regularly erase it. These are some commands you should use to prevent cache memory from messing up with your program outputs. 

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